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Thread: Anyone tried 245/40 R18 tyres?

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    Question Anyone tried 245/40 R18 tyres?

    I'm really wanting to try the Continental SportContact 7 tyre, but it seems it doesn't come in a 235/40 R18 size, but it does come in 245/40 R18.

    This would only alter the total diameter tyre by 8mm, meaning it's legal and would make a very small difference to the speedometer.

    I'm just concerned the extra 10mm might cause some tyre rubbing. Anyone had an experience with this?

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    On VW passenger cars I've run 10mm wider tyres on 1/2" wider rims, 1" larger wheels with same tyre spec-(ie 235/45/17 ---> 235/45/18 ), and on an SUV 20mm wider tyres on factory rims.

    No rubbing on any example.

    10mm wider = 5mm in and 5mm out. Factory clearances are way more than that.

    As you're not going wider on rims, you might want to make certain the tyres are legally able to be fitted to your rims (both Conti Sport 6 versions list as being able to be fitted to 8"-9.5" but double check), and I'd probably run 3-5psi higher to allow for the extra ballooning that will occur (barely visible but it's there) and keep them from wearing out the edges.

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