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Thread: Polish Recommendations

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    Polish Recommendations

    Hi, I am looking for recommendations on good quality polish for black cars.

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    Better you talk with someone in the business instead of recommendations from internet warriors.
    I would suggest these guys in Brisbane -Contact Us | Car Care Products Australia
    They can provide you with suggestions based on your ability and price range as a starting point.
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    Menzerna or Gyeon are fantastic in my opinion. I have been using Menzerna for about 4 years now. My brother uses Gyeon on his cars and they also have a fantastic result.

    Otherwise, if you would prefer to buy products from your local Supercheap Auto etc, i would recommend Bowdens Own. I have used quite a few of the Bowdens Own range and like some of their products.

    Are you looking to hand polish or have you got a dual action polisher / buffer?

    Hand Polish:
    Menzerna 3 in 1 1L | Car Care Products Australia

    Buffer or dual action polisher
    Menzerna 3-Step Polishing Sampler Kit | Car Care Products Australia

    Menzerna Power Lock Polymer Sealant 250mL | Car Care Products Australia
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