Hey guys

Iíve just had my brand new Tiguan in with a VW dealer in Sydney to have a few small things checked out, and they managed to put a small scrape / chip in the leading edge of my driverís door.

Obviously I was pretty unimpressed, but Iím now looking at how to fix the chip. Iíll be asking the VW dealer to pay.

I donít want to simply brush-touch the chip, as that doesnít usually look great. On the other hand, re-spraying the door is overkill.

Can anyone recommend someone in Sydney who can do a seamless repair job - perhaps with spray and buffing? - and who will do a really great job? Iím hoping someone will be able to work magic and make the door look exactly as it did when the car was new (just a few months ago!).

Thanks guys, appreciate your help.