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Thread: Do Performance Air Filters Work?

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    Do Performance Air Filters Work?

    Today we debunk an age-old automotive myth. Do performance air filters really offer any benefits over your regular run-of-the-mill air filter? We put this to the test with four different air filters, from a used standard filter to the Ryco 02 Rush air filter. Check out the results in the video above!


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    Interesting, but would that 1% or so increase even be noticeable?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubbadub View Post
    Interesting, but would that 1% or so increase even be noticeable?
    I agree - its interesting, but no you would not feel that difference in power. It would need to be something like a 10% difference to notice it in a big heavy car like a Ford Falcon.

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    Absolutely no mention of filtration levels.

    It would have been nice if the new paper filter was a genuine Ford unit.
    Also would have been good to see a Ryco OEM spec filter tested.
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