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Thread: Lakeside Raceway Brekkie and Laps Sunday December 13

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    Lakeside Raceway Brekkie and Laps Sunday December 13

    Hello Fellow VAG enthusiasts!

    I have booked Lakeside Park for Breakfast + Laps.
    Please provide the colour, make and model of your car when requesting a spot so we can confirm who is out there.
    I have to pre-pay to book the event for us now.
    Pricing for forum members is $40 per Driver and $20 per each Passenger.

    No show No refund.
    Closer to the date I will send you the payment details so we can have it all paid up and sorted on time.

    Payment due by Monday November 30

    If we need to open it up to non forum members to fill spots costs will be $45 for Drivers and $20 for each of their Passengers.
    Payments not received by due date will mean you are replaced with a reserve.

    The Breakfast starts at 7:30am sharp and we should be out on the track by 8:15am after a safety briefing at 8am.
    Please be there by 7am.

    Please be aware that QLD Raceways does monitor the forum and as such, any posts regarding activities that breach the rules of the track/happy laps will be noted by the staff and you may be banned from the events.

    Queensland Raceways Management has asked that we review the format for our happy laps to ensure that we can continue to host the event in a safe and suitable manner and as a result we must urge that THIS SESSION IS NOT A RACE and non compliance will not be tolerated. People not adhering to the rules will be banned from future events.

    VWWatercooled Forum and Event Organiser/s are not liable for any damage to any vehicles or track facilities. Driving on a Racetrack at speed is dangerous and you should consider these risks before deciding to come on track.

    Rules are as follows (Please Read Carefully):

    Conduct: This is not a dedicated track event. People have been warned previously about their driving conduct and, as a result, we have been pulled off early. If this happens the offender will be banned from all future events.
    * FWD and AWD Euro cars preferred (at discretion of event organiser).
    * All vehicles that enter must be road-worthy and registered with viewable registration plates.
    * At a minimum, please wear shorts, t-shirt and closed-in shoes with a grippy sole.
    * No children under 12 years of age are allowed in cars on track.
    * Payments not received by the due date may mean member is removed from the main list and replaced by a reserve. This is so pre-payment to Qld Raceways is made on time.

    Overtaking is only permitted on the main straight and no overtaking past the kink, overtaking in the lead up to the carousel/hairpin corner is dangerous and introduces unnecessary risk.
    * The responsibility is on the overtaking driver to do it safely. IF IN DOUBT, DO NOT OVERTAKE.
    * If you are not overtaking anyone on the main straight, please stay to the left of the track and let any driver that is consistently on your tail overtake you. You'll know this if you've been watching your mirrors.
    To be overtaken safely, maintain your speed at the entry to the main straight and stay to the left. Do not brake or accelerate, just hold your line at a reasonable, steady speed to allow the overtaking driver to execute the manoeuvre safely.
    * If you think you are actually quicker on the track, then you should be able to come up to that car again the next time you reach the main straight, and then the roles will be reversed: The original overtaking driver should now let the other car overtake.

    Passengers are welcome and encouraged. Anyone entering the track (drivers, passengers and those splitting the driving) must have a wristband, which means that track fees are payable by everyone in the car (but you get a delicious breakfast, which is BONUS!)
    No children under 12 years of age are allowed in cars on track.

    Breakfast Menu:
    Toast, Egg and Capsicum omelette,
    Bacon, Chipolatas,
    Baked beans, Fried tomato,
    Mushrooms, Tea & coffee

    Additional information and reminders:
    * This event is open to forum contributors only.
    * Anyone can come and passenger with you (no children under 12 years old).
    * 25 cars max tom minimise traffic problems out on the track.
    * Please post to indicate that you would like to attend with the colour, make and model of your vehicle and how many people you will be bringing with you. You can be anonymous on the forum but you cannot be anonymous on the track.

    When the main list is full, members will be added to the reserve list. If someone pulls out, the first person on the reserve list will be moved up to the main list. Any forum members remaining on the reserve list by the event date will be placed directly on the main list for the next event. Please check the next event details when they are posted to ensure that you can attend if you are put on the main list.

    Directions for entry:
    Drive across the causeway, then follow the road to the right around the back of the track, then enter the tunnel on your left. Turn right after exiting the tunnel toward the group parking on the grassy area in front of the big yellow building.

    Payment due by Monday November 30

    Forum Members pricing =Drivers $40 each and Passengers $20 each
    Non Forum member pricing= Drivers $45 each and Passengers $20 each

    Main List:

    $1 prh1973 - white cockroach
    $2 HPRS -grey Skoda RS230 wagon
    3 mikk- black Beetle
    $4 epigoo - white B250
    $5 lk265r - Black Megane rs265
    $6 DarkShines - White 640i.
    $7 Godspeed - white 330i + 1 pass
    $8 gk898r - black Clio
    $9 StuDUB - grey 6 GTI
    $10 robmc87 - silver Octavia RS
    $11 Poida - blue i30n
    $12 Boon - white M135i
    $13 esfour - white 340i
    $14 AB8S4 - white Audi S4
    $15 GRSE - blue Golf R
    $16 Mikey3 - Gold Clio
    $17 mxhob1 - 7 GTI
    $18 mxhob1 - 6 GTD
    $19 David - Yellow Megane RS
    $20 Kalmin - grey MX5
    $21 Jerome - blue 135i
    22 Rhodes -yellow A1
    23 Migs - Echo
    25 on
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    Yes pleāse mate

    HPRS230 - Grey Skoda wagon

    Skoda RS230
    Skoda RS 230
    "The Grey Ghost"
    SG-TP-AB RS230 - Timeline

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    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for organising the QR event complicated for you by QR admin difficulties.
    Please count me in.
    Flying doc roc: Grey SciroccoR
    BW, Peter

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    Hi Paul,

    Can you put me on this one please?

    white B250

    Thank you

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    Black Megane rs265 please Paul.

    Thanks Lucas.

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    Hi Paul,

    I'll take a spot, White 640i.

    MkVI Golf GTI

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    I’m keen . Yellow Audi S1

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    Hi Paul

    Please add me black Clio

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    Hey Paul,

    Please put me down to come again

    grey mk6GTI

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    Hi, how long does the session last? Thanks

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