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Thread: VW CC flat-bottom steering wheel retrofit

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    Question VW CC flat-bottom steering wheel retrofit

    Hi folks. No doubt this might have been covered here so I hope someone may be able to enlighten me or point me in the direction of an existing thread.
    I have a 2010 VW CC V6 with DSG. The steering wheel has the paddle shifts which I find myself using quite often.
    Is there a flat bottom wheel, with shifters, that will plug and play directly on as a replacement to offer more 'grip' to my shiney leather.
    VW CC flat-bottom steering wheel retrofit-352295154_136796516036017_92716136928499979_n-jpg

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    Hi Greg,

    Your vehicle should be compatible with any of the "R" versions of that era, eg Golf, Scirocco, etc

    Or you could go for the extra bling on the GTI version.

    Just make certain you get one with the paddles as they aren't interchangeable.

    You will also need the airbag as they are different.

    Shouldn't need any coding as you already have the paddles.

    Here's an example: VOLKSWAGEN SCIROCCO STEERING WHEEL 1S, 12/08-12/17 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 | eBay


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