Hi all, recently I have had my AC system overhauled with a new compressor and condenser. Since this I have been having an issue where at any temperature except for Lo and Hi, over the course of about 10 minutes the air flow will diminish pretty much completely. This is usually remedied with turning the compressor off and keeping the fan going for a couple of minutes. I was originally told about this problem by the company that did the overhaul and they told me that frost is gathering on the evaporator which is blocking airflow. They also told me that this is indicative of an issue with the temperature sensors that should be telling the compressor to engage/disengage, but there are no error codes, and everything appears to be functioning properly. From their diagnosis they said they were unable to any more to help fix the issue as they didn't have the ability to dig deeper into the electrical system. I was recommended an electrics specialist but I would greatly appreciate any advise, possible solutions/fixes.