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Thread: Up! Project

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    Up! Project

    Looking at doing a project on an Up! for my son who turns 17 next year and need to get into his 1st car. His dream is a Mk1 Caddy (which will happen a bit later) but for now the Up will have to do.

    I have always loved the Up! and have always wanted to do 1 up (lol). He does not like the idea much, so maybe this will be my project .....

    Looking at acquiring a cheap Up! (and they are getting quite cheap now) and doing the usual mods .... exhaust, intake suspension etc, but also going down the forced induction route ..... probably supercharging the little beastie and making about 100kw ..... I have researched all of what I need to do and it might just take off this XMas break.

    It looks quite do-able and I could potentially make some supercharging kits available once I sort it all out.
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    Sounds interesting. I had heard that one of the limiting factors (other than cubic inches) was the transmission in these was not up for a lot more output.

    Interested to see where you head with this

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    You could fit a 3 cyl turbo Audi A1 engine/transmission it it.

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    I like the way you think, but don't think the p plate restrictions allow it.
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    up!'s gearbox is only rated to 120Nm which would be your limiting factor but I have (briefly) toyed with the idea of throwing a turbo on mine. Won't ever do it though
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