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Thread: Microphone not working/MnM replacement

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    Microphone not working/MnM replacement

    Hi All,

    I have a High Up with the MnM system and the bluetooth microphone hasn't worked since I bought it.

    The bluetooth streaming works and the call comes throughy but I have no voice control and people can hear me.

    I have tried the unmuting of the unit and a factory reset to no avail.

    Does anyone do repairs on the microphones?

    If I do change the head unit completely is there one that the forum recommends? Is there a current VW head unit that fits well with an aftermarket fascia?

    I would ideally like to be able to still look at the trip computer and distance to empty functions and android auto would be a bonus.



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    I had the same problem with my up. From what I remember take it out and clean all of the contacts with contact cleaner and a cloth. Make sure all of the contacts are working correctly and look clean and shiny.

    This worked for me.

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