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Thread: DQ200 Tune

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    DQ200 Tune

    Hi There,

    Any one there that has done the DSG tune on a DQ200??? If so, what are your thoughts?

    I just bought one MK7 Wagon and I'm very disappointed with the transmission, don't get me wrong, I had a Passat b6 with a DQ200 and was very pleasant to drive. I also drive everyday a MK7.5(from work) with the same gearbox and itís a totally different car! WAY more responsive than my wagon with the same drive train. Sometimes Iím already in 7th gear at less than 60km/h! and always shifts in lows 1k rpms. The MK7.5 shifts just before the 2k.

    There is any way to flash the same software? Or just tuning?


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    I'm currently researching this software for myself...

    DSG Tuning Software
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