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Thread: Turning the indicator light off that's inside mirror

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    Turning the indicator light off that's inside mirror

    Is there a way to turn the small indicator light that the driver sees in the mirror? I don't see the need for it and as it's the same colour as the blind spot detection light it detracts from that.

    I can obviously cover it up or paint it, but was hoping there was a software tweak or setting change.. I can't seem to locate that however.

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    The mirror LED including the bit that sits in the inside cut-out is a single assembly, there’s no separate lighting channel that can be controlled from the BCM.

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    Makes sense. I've just covered it up now. Don't really see the point of it.

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    Yes, good point, a bit of black electrical tape should do the trick.
    Annoying they made them the same colour, BSW should be red you’d think.

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