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Thread: Suggestions for Golf mods

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    Suggestions for Golf mods

    I recently purchased a 2014 Golf TDI. The car is perfect. I would like to upgrade the car--what would you suggest?

    I'd like to get new tires and speakers.

    I don't know much about engines or if there's any performance upgrades I could do. Would like to hear your thoughts, thank you!

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    Google is your friend in this. Lots of things you could do .... so hard to give advice without knowing what you want out of the car.

    Better (nicer) wheels, better tires, body kits, headlights, taillights, ECU tune, gearbox tune, handling upgrades (lowered suspension, sway bars), better brakes, better infotainment (radio upgrade) .... the list goes on. A lot of it has been covered on this forum, lots more out there on the net.

    Probably pick somewhere to start .... tell us what you want (and an indicative budget) and there would be more feedback.
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