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Thread: Rear sway bar

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    Rear sway bar

    I know this is discussed over the internet but somehow a search hasn't really made it conclusive for me as a lot don't mention the diameter or if they are solid.

    I'll soon buy a mk7 golf r and want to try and make the car behave with either neutral or minor oversteer on throttle, rather than the standard understeer. I don't need a car that tends to over steer for fun. Just prefer to back off to reduce over steer than back off due to understeer, particularly in mid speed corners.

    Would a solid 24mm adjustable bar like a superpro be enough?

    With or without aftermarket links which I am steering sway from as perhaps the very odd tracks day, and mostly daily drive. I can't see the links making much difference in stiffness, more concern of breaking.

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    Woops. If this could be moved to the r section that might have been best.. Likely a moderator needs to do this I guess

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    Sorry no section specific to Golf R. You have to slum it with all the other Mk7 Golf rif-raff here.

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    I fit rear bars to Rs all the time usually SuperPro, get the drop links to go with it and set to the stiffer setting. It wont try to kill you.

    MAKE SURE YOU GET ONE FOR THE R, NOT THE GTI. Most folk buying them get the wrong one, no idea why.

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    Thanks for the heads up. Yeh I noticed there were fwd ones before I found the r one.

    The 24mm ones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteRepeat View Post
    Thanks for the heads up. Yeh I noticed there were fwd ones before I found the r one.

    The 24mm ones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosslm View Post

    Thanks for the link. Didn't catch what size but it seems 24mm solid is the suggested size by anyone that stated the diameter.

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