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Thread: Power fold side mirror install - How do I check door modules?

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    Power fold side mirror install - How do I check door modules?

    Hi folks

    I have a 2018 mk7.5 GTI, and I am wanting to install power fold side mirrors (w/o blind spot monitoring). I understand these will only works on cars with certain door modules. Wondering if anyone knows a way of checking what door modules the car has without removing the door trim?


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    @JordoPordo: Hi

    I assume that you don't personally own a diagnostic cable like VCDS, OBD11, or VCP. If so, go to the part of the forum HERE and request the services of a colleague who lives close-by and who does have such a cable. You might be asked to pay a nominal fee for the assistance.

    The scan report that results from one of these cables will identify the Part/Software number of the door modules


    PS: If you proceed with the project, most likely you will need access to a diagnostic cable (for the necessary coding changes to the new modules) - so the relationship that you will create with the forum colleague will be advantageous in this part of the exercise
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