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Thread: P21D000 - Rough start followed by an EPC light.

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    P21D000 - Rough start followed by an EPC light.

    2016 MK7R - Stock - 95xxx kms

    Hi all,

    Had an odd experience yesterday when I turned on my car, it went rough after it finished the cold start then an EPC light came on. Upon scanning it I am getting the code P21D000. After turning it off for 10 minutes then back on it drove perfectly for over an hour. Fast forward today, cold start and the same thing happened, turned off and on and it drove fine. I've also got a code for current being too high which happened at the same time so not sure if its related. It also has a CEL now for the first time but after scanning there are no other new codes. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

    P21D000 - Rough start followed by an EPC light.-capture1-jpgP21D000 - Rough start followed by an EPC light.-capture2-jpg

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    @gtimk6001: Hi.

    At face value and based purely on the information in your post - I suspect that these are unrelated (albeit coincident) error messages !

    In terms of diagnostics, VW's fault information tells you which of the two faults is the more important - look at the Priority number!! Notice that the injector fault is "priority 2" (the lower the priority number - the more urgent the fault)

    So, the fault is telling you that the electrical arrangement for injector 2 on cylinder 2 is "open-circuit". And, the fault status is "static" - meaning that the problem is not intermittent (which is good for diagnostic investigation).

    The other good aspect of this fault is that the injector circuit is very simple (basically the bunch of injectors has a common fuse supply and each injector is separately earthed via the engine module). "Open circuit" suggests a problem with either the earthing wire from the Engine Control Module (ECU), or an issue with a termination/connector on the wire en-route from the ECU to the physical injector. Another possibility for the "open circuit" error could be a problem with the electrical actuator inside the injector.

    However, without knowing more about which version engine is installed in this car- it's not possible to be more definitive. Because this is a Golf R, probably a 2 liter petrol engine - maybe CJXB/CJXC, or CHHA/CHHB?

    Posting-up an unedited copy of the OBD11 SCAN report would be helpful in understanding how this car was built - do you need help explaining how to do this?


    PS: in respect of the U140600 error - does this car have any after-market electrical add-on equipment (like a dash-camera)?
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