A big thanks to everyone in this thread for helping me diagnose and get my DSG issues sorted. In the last 6-12 months I have noticed slipping in 3rd gear and chirp/squeaking as it shifted up under moderate load from K2 to K1. I have a 2016 Mk7 92 TSI, nothing too fancy.

Fortunately after showing the technician at the dealership my recordings, they were able to get a warranty replacement of the clutch packs organised (Car is still under warranty, 5 year). After getting it back, it feels to drive as it should in normal mode without any slip or chirping.

Here are a couple of videos that might help others diagnose similar issues:

Video of DSG Slip (1)
Video of DSG Slip (2)
Video of audible DSG Chirping (volume up!)

However, I unfortunately don't think this is where my story ends for my DSG problems... It's been 4 weeks since I took my car back from repair, but just on the past weekend put the car/transmission into "Sport" mode (barely sport on a 92 TSI lol). However, it definitely doesn't behave like it used to... Previously it was comfortable to drive the car in city/suburban traffic in sport and it had reasonable shift points, but now it just feels off.

My main notable issue I have noticed is that when taking off in 1st, it feels like the gearbox is trying to "launch" the car. It keeps the RPM fixed around 2k and slips the clutch whilst the car stays at walking pace, until it eventually either thuds into second or smoothly changes. This is a big issue in city/suburban traffic where you might be stopped at the occasional traffic light.

This is reproducible every take off when in "sport auto" under constant 25% accelerator position. Doing the same in "normal auto", "tiptronic sport", or "tiptronic normal" results in a smoother, lower RPM take off, and actually gets the car moving faster.

Here is a video of this happening:

I took the car back to the dealership today, who claimed to do an adaptation of the transmission (my dashcam footage suggests otherwise besides having the car in their possession all day), but with no improvement they state the car is driving as expected and there is nothing to be concerned about.

Is this true? Does anyone have similar behavior?