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Thread: Haldex or clutch pack?

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    Haldex or clutch pack?

    Hi guys Iíve got a mk7.5 dsg auto running a stage 3 tune ecu and tcu
    Iíve got an issue where if I do flat stick take off from first the car revs then rolls of to a start then takes off it doesnít shoot off straight away like it should
    Iím thinking either the clutch pack is causing slip on take off but if that was the case wouldnít it be slipping through out the whole of first gear? It only does it on take off if Iím driving in first normal and plant it it shoots off no problem
    Or Iím thinking itís the Haldex pump thatís not sending the power to the rear which is causing this delay?

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    Best to take it back to your tuner/workshop. Are you talking about when you do a launch control or are you just stalling the engine up against the brake? If you're not launching the car properly you can get a delay as normally the transmission doesn't like the accelerator and brake being pressed at the same time (it will then take a second or 2 to sort itself out).

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    You could try pulling the fuse for the haldex and test it in fwd mode to rule that out maybe
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