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Thread: Empire Performance Exhausts

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    Empire Performance Exhausts

    Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone has tried Empire Performance exhaust?

    I was looking at this dump pipe but cannot help but think that it is super cheap considering what else is out there or am I onto a winner here?

    Volkswagen Golf (2014+) MK7 2.0T GTI Turbo Dump Pipe - Premium Version – Empire Performance

    Cheers in advance
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    FYI there's no catalytic converter on this dump pipe, so you can add $250-300 right away for a good quality hi-flow cat and the labour to have it fitted.

    You also need to consider possible fitment issues and the labour involved with having to possibly remove it and/or modify it to fit properly.

    I must admit though, compared to the usual cheap junk that Empire sell, this "premium" version certainly looks to be of better quality.

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    This looks good though ... Volkswagen Golf R(2014+) MK7 & MK7.5 2.0T Golf R Turbo Dump Pipe – Empire Performance

    $489 for a dump pipe including a high flow cat .... that seems super cheap.
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    People have had fitment issues with Empire products in the past. Itís a bit hit and miss.

    But as Lucas said itíll end up costing more to get it fitted so may as well start by paying more and having less dramas.

    CTS is good if youíre on a budget.

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