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Thread: Coolant Shut-off & Control Valves

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    Coolant Shut-off & Control Valves

    Hi all,

    These need replacing on my 2017 Golf Alltrack.

    Wondering what these usually cost?

    The place I'm at are charging $440 each (amongst other things). Does that sound right?

    Seems rather pricey but I have no idea really.

    Coolant Shut-off & Control Valves-screenshot-2023-08-11-140856-png

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    List price for the first two items (4H0 121 671 G and 5Q0 906 457 K) are 110 and 116 Euro plus VAT (19%), so around $240 to $250 Australian dollars. Add in shipping costs and that is a bit of a mark up.
    Have you tried other VW dealers or even Skoda?
    May be even better off looking on the net for parts at that cost.
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    This wasn't even a dealer, just a well known VW specialist.

    Yeah definitely will be sourcing parts for myself next time. That sort of mark up seems over the top.

    Where did you go to find those prices?

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