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Thread: ACC recalibration on Mk7 Golf

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    ACC recalibration on Mk7 Golf

    Hi everyone
    I just had my ACC recalibrated at Leichhardt VW in Sydney following an “ACC and front assist are not available” message. Cost $590. 2016 Mk7 Golf 92TSI with assistance pack. The fault appeared years after I noticed the radar unit looked a little skewed. Maybe someone backed into it. No other damage. Now three weeks after recalibration it stops working again. They say it’s been hit. I wish I’d taken before and after photos when they recalibrated it. They want another $590. Does anyone have any experience of this? Anyone had this fixed more cheaply?
    Thank you!
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    The ACC radar's are known to be quite fragile, and easily get damaged from road debris or low speed mishaps - which is why they redesigned them in the facelift Mk7 Golf and placed them behind the VW logo on the grille. I have one on my Mk7 GTI and fingers crossed it never gets damaged.

    You can buy new one from VAGParts and then get VCDS Coding & Diagnostics Sydney to calibrate it. Also refer to the link below - apparently you can code it yourself if you have VCDS cable and software.

    5Q0907561F - Distance control module – VAGPARTS Australia

    Found solution to ACC Not Available / Radar calibration needed (with VCDS) | GOLFMK7 - VW GTI MKVII Forum / VW Golf R Forum / VW Golf MKVII Forum
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    Thanks Lucas!
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    After a family member had the front bumper on a Golf 7 92tsi off to fix a parking sensor, the ACC radar had the same problem not being available.
    Initially looking at the radar unit it was loose, after taking it apart and replacing in back into its mounting the radar unit was more stable. I adjusted the alignment as best as I could with a small levelling bubble on a dead flat surface. Took out the my OBD11 and under control unit 13 (ACC) there is a diagnostic mode which was easy to follow to reset the misalignment angle.
    That was several months ago and the vehicle has been fine since. The physical alignment may be slightly out but no noticeable effect with driving.
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    Thanks mate. Might be above my pay grade but makes $600 seem hard to justify. Actually it’s $715 now because they want to replace the mount too 😑
    Golf 92TSI and Q7 200kw.

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