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    Website development help

    Hi all! I need your help. I want to move my auto business to the Internet. The functionality of the site is almost ready. But I have a question about the web design. How important is it that the site has a unique design or can I use a template version? It affects only the appearance or site promotion as well?
    And tell me please, to create a unique design I should hire individual freelancers or better to go to a creative firm to attract a team of experienced designers.
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    What kind of auto business are you running? Car parts, stereos, modifications etc?

    If its car parts, as a regular buyer of online car parts by far the most important aspect for me is a good filter to select the brand, make and model of car, and then break up the parts available in categories (eg brakes, oil/air/fuel filters, suspension etc). Obviously having well known and desirable brands on offer is important too.

    The actual design of the website is not that important (to me) as long as its easy to use and well executed.

    A few websites I use regularly are:

    Run Auto Parts | Australia's OEM Auto Parts Store | Car Care & Service parts

    Automotive Superstore | Car Parts, Audio, Accessories & Spares Online

    Sparesbox | Auto Parts, Car Care and 4x4 Accessories | Sparesbox
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