Hi All,

Before I delve into what the post is about, as I am still a new member, Admin please do not hesitate to delete / move this post to a more suitable Section.

As I continue to grow my love for everything VW, thankfully, so is my business. At the moment I have begun a startup Marketing / IT Firm. We provide Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing. Along with marketing, we have begun to offer website design, hosting, management, etc. We also are in the process of starting a Hardware/Software IT Support Dept. , along with Professional Photography, Logo Designs, and more.

The reason for this post is to offer fellow enthusiasts, members and guests of the Forum an extremely competitive deal to help grow our portfolio.

As it is still early days, despite the progress, I aim for new clients every day to both expand my business and of course to help with my build

So if you run your own business, want to expand and help out a fellow VW Enthusiast (Me!)
Contact me via PM for my details and we can take it from there!