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Thread: Viezu Racing / VARdesign, Porsche Design Edition One

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    Viezu Racing / VARdesign, Porsche Design Edition One

    Thought you lot might like to see our Porsche DE1, essentially a ltd edition Cayman 'S', 3.4na, 6speed manual. One of only 7 in Australia so we're told. And now it's a Viezu/VARdesign car it's one of a kind.

    So it has a few tricks up its sleeve, but we'll keep it basic for now:

    296hp at the crank stock. Only showed as 224hp atw stock (this is a particularly hard to please dyno) but the gains speak for themselves sitting 52hp higher after just the VARdesign bi-mpdal exhaust and Viezu tune package.

    Viezu pride themselves on drivability, unique ISO quality controlled gains, fully insured guaranteed tuning options, economy, smooth, responsive gains (and fast! if that's what client wants) and especially of late we've been working on ever greater ranges of Viezu Racing - a service unique to Viezu Australia. More to come on that, but our tie up with the largest newest hardware range, through Australia's largest and oldest hardware manufacturer, means more and more releases and packages of the highest quality at unbeatable pricing.

    We do so many VW's and Audi's but we're massive on exotica worldwide, 4x4, trucks, agricultural, marine - Viezu is the fastest growing tuning brand for a reason. 400 dealers across 40 countries with Dealer coverage across Australia.

    Please enquire now to have your specific requirements met and exceeded !

    Lots more info coming soon, happy to answer any question from those who are interested

    Last edited by ViezuAustralia; 10-12-2012 at 07:06 PM. VAR Design. Exclusive Viezu distributors and developers for Oceania.
    Some of the best locally developed VAG tuning options on the market now released for ECU and DSG along with some of the best quality and value exhaust ranges /CAI's in Oceania. Put us to the test - 100% satisfaction money back guarantees.

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