Always had a merc to tow my projects and kids cars...

E220 is the one even if 4spd auto its strong and very cheap on fuel.
My son went to USA to seek fame and left me his prev 1 owner
and I brt a 1 owner 4 years which one do I sell.
Both when brt had 15odd,000 on the clock and are very rust-free

will trade a cheap rwc polo, seat or Mk3 to $1500 on either ..or??

should you be interested in a German solid very safe and honest tinted car with new wiring harness etc etc
between $4,000 and $6G's (r/w 1993 with Sunroof or r/w 1995 has leather and electr windows etc etc)
pls call or text me 0421286423 Bernie/ Bris (minus the $trade in)!!