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Thread: current model B250 owner feedback

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    current model B250 owner feedback

    would you care to share/comment on your experience of owning the B250? am particularly interested in finding out if this car is a wolf in sheep's clothing in terms of performance as well as a fun-to-drive dual purpose vehicle. otherwise, any comment would be most appreciated. Ta.

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    We run a CLA with the same engine, love it
    Had a loan car with the B200 once and I have a good mate with a B200CDI
    They are much better than they look, Very comfy, something I miss with the CLA, huge inside
    200 is under done, but I think the 250 would be great. Not really a wolf in sheeps clothing, most Merc's (had 4) are lazy on the trans, but once they get rolling the 250 gets up, I would say they are quick, but not "fast"
    Get radar cruise, trust me you want that

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