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Thread: TPR Engineering- Introduction

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    TPR Engineering- Introduction

    Hey guys.

    A fair few of you know me.. But for those who don't, my name is Chris Preen.

    I run TPR Engineering out of Orange, NSW.

    As my banner/signature states, TPR Engineering is the authorised distributor for INA Engineering in Australia and New Zealand.

    Just a small list of some of the products I offer through INA..

    Fabricated steel sumps for 8v/16v/20v/FSI/TDI..

    ABF Alternator kit (Like my 16v one)

    2.2L Stoker kits for ABA/ABF/20v..

    Ferrea valves and components..

    Mocal Oil Cooler kits.. (FSI shown here)

    And a few more goodie pics...

    In addition, here's just some of the companies I have access to:

    -034 Motorsport

    -Techtonics Tuning

    -Peloquin Differentials


    -ARP hardware

    -Pauter Connecting Rods

    -Ferrea Valve Train Components

    -JE Pistons




    -Full-Race and the EFR turbo line up.

    -DM Forged Connecting Rods

    -Drive Shaft Shop

    -Mahle Motorsport

    -CAT Cams

    ... And many more.

    Check INA's Facebook page out here:

    INA Engineering

    "Like" TPR Engineering on Facebook:

    TPR Engineering

    Check my signature for the latest info on my Batch Shipments.


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