If you own a tuned Polo GTI, you would have noticed the engine feels a little sluggish on a hot day. This is heat soak. Mainly due to the tiny factory intercooler design unable to cope with the increase in boost pressure and therefore heat.

Our upgraded intercooler provides the following benefits:

  • Stepped intercooler core design to maximise available space behind the standard front bar without cutting
  • 80% increase in volume over the standard intercooler
  • Bolt on kit with no cutting required and only two mounting holes required to be drilled
  • Knurled inlet and outlet to ensure leak free fitment even under high boost
  • 10+ degree reduction in intake temperatures
  • More consistent intake temperature

Available now through hp.net.au direct or through our dealer network Australia wide.

Harding Performance Upgraded Intercooler - Polo GTI 1.4TSI/1.8TSI - Harding Performance