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Thread: VW Servicing Adelaide

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    VW Servicing Adelaide

    MRL Automotive; contact me on 0412 084 463 or email

    VW, Skoda Servicing Price list
    Get your car immaculately serviced with the genuine parts for less and keep it reliable for a long time.

    I also check for free the software in your car. No other chain of generic franchised workshops or even many independent VAG specialists that I know offers that.

    I’m fully independent and don’t charge extra for the weekends.
    The below prices apply to passenger cars like, Golf, Tiguan and Octavia.
    The V6 4x4 and commercial vehicles call for the price.
    To make booking, please always have your vehicle details handy; Year of manufacture, VIN number, Engine code if possible. You will find them in the owner's manual section "Servicing 1.1" page1.

    Discount to loyal customers.

    ALL 4 cyl. VAG cars incl. SKODA
    • Price including free software check for any available updates.
    • 15,000km service from $280
    • 30,000km service from $390 (inc. brake fluid change, air filter, pollen filter)
    • 45,000km service from $280
    • 60,000km service $870 (as 30,000km plus inc. 6 speed DSG fluid and filter)
    • 60,000km service from $460 GST only for models with 7speed DSG
    • 60,000km service $620 (most manual transmission)

    Prices are approximate, call for updated price, have your car details ready (you find them in the owner's manual or in the boot next to the spare tyre).

    I use Autologic, but also VCDS and Snap-on diagnostics. For the fuel system diagnosis I use the Inter-Ject state of the art equipment and their range of diagnostic fluids.
    All parts are the OEM brands, all fluids are the latest approved specs.

    Service 15,000km or 1 Year (whichever comes first)
    Time: approx. 1 hour
    Cost: from $280

    Replace engine oil and filter.
    Check all oil levels.
    Check air cleaner element.
    Check cooling system.
    Check drive belts.
    Check battery electrolyte and fluid level, free battery test using The Official Battery Tester of Nascar.
    Check steering & suspension components.
    Check exhaust system.
    Reset service interval indicator.
    Interrogate ECM
    Check all seat belt components.
    Lubricate locks, hinges & latches.
    Check lights, wipers and tyre pressure.
    Check front and rear brakes.
    Check/adjust parking brake, if needed
    Road test.

    All my services include a free battery test with the printed report about the condition of the battery, charging system and starting system.

    Oil filter
    5L Motor oil VW504.00/507.00

    Service 30,000km or 2 Years (whichever comes first)
    Time: 3 hours
    Cost: from $390

    Same as 15,000km plus:
    Replace brake fluid if needed
    Replace pollen filter

    5L motor oil VW504.00/507.00
    Oil filter
    Brake fluid if needed
    Pollen filter

    Service 60,000km or 4 Years (whichever comes first)
    Time: 3 hours
    Cost: from $460

    Same as 30,000km plus:
    Replace air filter
    Replace fuel filter
    DSG service add $320, Auto trans service (Tiguan and some others) add $350 approx.
    Change manual transmission oil; Add extra $89

    5L motor oil
    Oil filter
    Brake fluid
    Pollen filter
    Air filter
    Fuel filter
    DSG fluid and filter or ATF (Tiguan only) or Manual gear oil

    Timing Belts
    Replace timing belt at the time and distance as per VW recommendation in your vehicle owner’s manual. It can vary from 60,000km to 240,000km or 4 years to 8 years. Late model engines with timing belt are max. 7Years or 105,000km whichever comes first.

    Some engines have timing chain, which is maintenance free and should last life of the engine, which will greatly depend how you keep the engine internals clean by doing regular maintenance.

    About Quoted Pricing
    The above prices may differ, depending on your location and are based on that the serviced car is in Southern suburbs.
    The cars located close to the city and north from the city, please book in advance.
    To get the quote for services and repairs that aren't mentioned here, please contact me by text message or phone call.

    Car warranties:Motor vehicle warranties - NSW Fair Trading
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    In southern suburbs, I can service your 4 cylinder passenger car for as low as $260 for 15,000km service. The V6 passenger cars from $300.

    Price is valid till 28 of February 2017.
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    Stop Start AGM batteries in stock now for every model at very competitive price. Much cheaper than any retail battery store especially if you come and pick up.


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