Current list of cars we are wrecking is

Seat Ibiza GTI 1996 2L Manual, just come in, hit in back, all rest is great,

SEAT Ibiza 1.4L Manual, straight shell, could be re-regod

Polo 1998 1.6L Manual, immacualate, except for hit in the back

Polo 1998 Rolling shell, scruffy but could be re-registered

Passat 2009. TDI Auto, 600kms since new, hit in front, has leather and nice wheels

Transporter 2L 1995 Most parts available

VW Golf 3 2L, most parts available

Audi A3 1999 2 Door, most parts available

Golf 4 1999 1.6 Manual, most parts available

Also a warehouse full of parts for most watercooled VWs.

Peoples prices for the peoples car, we have most things and can get evrything, new or used.