Hi all,

I pick up a 2022 A4 45 S-Line (ex demo) from the dealer next week. I was seriously considering an Arteon 206 TSI Shooting brake, but the A4 came up and that's what I've got now!

Already learning a few things about it - like it's different to the "regular" B9 model (they're designating it as a B9.5). Biggest differences so far that I can tell are the engine has a mild (12v) hybrid component and apparently has a different ECU to the early 2021 (or earlier) B9s, and the styling's different again (the crease along the whole length of the car near the top of the doors now ends just into the front and rear doors). I'm sure I'll find lots of other things that are unique to the B9 as I go!

Initial plans are braided brake lines and better fluid. Longer term plans I'd like to find a set of S4 brakes for it (if they've changed things since the B9, it'll take a while for them to appear on the market, I'm sure).