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Thread: A5 coup roof removal

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    A5 coup roof removal

    Anyone here know if it痴 possible to remove a A5 2 door roof lining with out removing the drivers door ?
    I知 willing to take the seats out but I I知 not looking forward to remove the doors anytime soon.

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    I do sunroof repairs and its a problem we face every day almost , we take most linings out like the diagram but obviously passengers side . Move the seats back as far as they can go and then recline the squabs {back rests } back as far as they can go , while sitting in the passengers seat maneuver the trim out through the passengers door tilt it corner to corner and dont be afraid to bend the sides in a bit they are very flexible . Just as a precaution we place an old beach towel over the centre console to prevent marking the plastics ,sometimes it helps if you can put the gear lever into its most reward position to give a little more room . The big trouble with lots of cars is the roof trim is fitted before the front windscreen which is usually the largest opening in the body . I removed a roof trim from a BMW5 series GT yesterday after about 15 minutes of failed trying I gave up and left the trim sitting on the seats and then had to remove the actual sunroof over the top of the trim as the rear hatch was ony 1 metre wide but the lining was 1.5 metres wide even bending wasnt an option .

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    You can remove a torx bolt top and bottom, and lift the door off the hinges. You won't need to do any panel fit adjustments when you reinstall.

    The tricky part is unplugging the harness in the lower A-pillar.
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