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Thread: A4 b8 20”

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    A4 b8 20”


    I just bought an A4 sedan 1.8t manual and ended up also scoring a set of 20” Allroad wheels as well. I need to get some tyres but still haven’t decided about the size of it.

    At first I thought to run 245/30/20 but then after some research found out that the 19” runs on 255/30/19. It made me change my mind about it, then (again) also found out the A5 runs 20” on 265/30/20!

    Any one around running 20” to give me some help??? Also, how much pressure are you running on 20”?

    The Allroad wheels are 8.5” et 43.


    PS: I got some H&R on it’s way too!

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    A5 will run the following:

    RS5 runs 275/30R20. Most will find it cheaper to run 275/30R20 rather than 265/30R20 as the 275 is more common and cheaper. The Speedo will be 0.8% out (speedo 100kmh, actual speed 100.8kmh)
    Also the A5 runs a 19x8.5 ET33, 20x9.0 ET?? as per tyre placard.
    Tyre pressure for a 265/30R20 on A5/S5 is :
    1.8T Front: 250KPa 36psi Rear: 220KPa 32psi
    3.0TDI Front: 280KPa 41psi Rear: 220KPa 32psi
    3.2FSI Front: 260KPa 38psi Rear: 230KPa 33psi
    4.2FSI Front: 280KPa 41psi Rear: 230KPa 33psi
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