Hi All,

New here in the forum and need some advice...

I just sold my VW Passat wagon b6 (1.8t EA888 Gen2) and I'm looking for an A4 Avant B8. I found one 2.0T (CVT) MY2011 with 170K on the clock. It's in a quite good shape but I'm little bit scared that I'll end up with a lemon, the price is very atractive thought. I'm aware of the problems with the EA888 Gen 2 piston rings (is this engine the same generation or it's a Gen1??). Is the CVT a huge problem or as some people mentioned here in the forum to change the oil and filter each 45k km will keep me out of trouble? Also anyone has tried a stage 1 on ths configuraton???

Funds are quite low now so getting something with lower kms will cost much more. :(

I know that's a lot of questions but always loved Audis and never had a chance to have one, everytime I'm in the market to get one (several b5s before) I ended up losing the sale and geting a good VW deal.