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Thread: Skoda Yeti Ambition 90TSI - reliable or not?

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    You're not wrong! Is a fairly common fault so they now have an updated pack to replace it which hopefully lasts a bit longer...

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    Ive got 90tsi engine. had bad fuel from coles/shell around christmas, engine barely made boost. now only use 98ron from caltex or BP. Im getting clutch packs making noise after driving around town for a bit. it happens mostly as its taking upto biting point on the clutches. i find a good standing 1st to 2nd gear launch in manual mode fixes it for some time. LH front CV boot has been in twice for warranty stuff. first time they repacked it with grease. that lasted 10,000 km. then a month ago it went in for the second time and they "replaced" the CV boot and joint, it still makes a faint ticking noise when turning corners first thing when driven then isnt herd again till next day. I love the car, however these issues are friggin annoying. got warranty till september this year.
    Good news, there was a software update on the DSG gearboxes. the mapping has been updated, most notable in sport mode. DSG "parp" upshifts on light throttle occur around 2600rpm now, it also doesnt hold gears too long either, and has nice throttle blip calibration on downshifts. 7th gear is also selected at highway speeds now.
    Drive mode is a little smarter, using torque from engine on occasions where a downshift isnt nessarcary. Quick half throttle accelerations it tends to change up a little earlier too using the torque between 2000-4000rpm.
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