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Thread: Transporter's Crafter 4Motion 2021

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    Transporter's Crafter 4Motion 2021

    G'day fellow vaners.
    It's time to revive our Crafter section, with the good news. I'm finally back in the new 2021 Crafter 4Motion, with slightly changed specs - the LED headlights were swapped for the towbar. The LED headlights looked good but I hardly ever drive at night and the ordinary globes are much cheaper to replace when they fail.

    Changes in model 2021 compared to 2020,
    my observation so far;

    - deleted USB port from top of the dash
    - USB ports are now USB-C
    - no SD card slot anywhere
    - the radio has only 2 physical switches now and the rest is touch screen, I prefer the physical buttons
    - the vehicle Wifi cannot be turned off, which is a major privacy concern in todays world and it'll have to be disabled, pushing the switch off does nothing.

    Pictures to follow shortly.

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    You have had a long wait for this one. I hope ownership this time will be a happy experience.
    Understand how it works, troubleshoot logically BEFORE replacing parts.
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    Hopefully you have more luck with the 21 model, its good to see that they are moving over to usb c, its a cleaner look and it chargers faster.

    i'm personally looking forwards to seeing how much they charger for the factory fitted seikel suspension for the 22 model
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