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Thread: CAVD Engine Tuning Solution

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    CAVD Engine Tuning Solution

    Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to know if anyone has had experience tuning the CAVD engine. I am looking into it, not so much for performance gains, but more so for reliability. Get the car to run richer etc.

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    I know some tuning companies wont touch the 118TSI engine due to how fragile they are and general reliability issues, but making them run richer is a good idea as they are tuned too lean from factory which contributes to running hot as well as detonation etc.

    But like you said, even if they don't chase any extra power/performance and simply tune the vehicle to run more safely its a good idea.

    Give Underground Performance in Cheltenham a call and see what they say. They do custom tuning for VW and other Euro brands. They will be able to dyno log air:fuel ratios on their dyno before and after tuning to make sure they are safe. Underground Performance

    Otherwise some of the off the shelf tunes (eg APR, Racingline and Revo) still offer tunes for the 118TSI engine. Racingline OEM+ Performance ECU Software -1.4 Twincharger - Harding Performance

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    CAVD Engine Tuning Solution

    The key is to also tune the cold start/warm up cycle as the car runs excessively lean during this time.

    I suspect a lot of the damage to these engines is done during cold starts and aggressively trying to heat tgr cars to reduce/minimise emissions until the engine gets up to operating temps.

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