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Thread: VAG-COM scanning, who can help

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    VAG-COM scanning, who can help

    Hi fellas, I am sure that the forum members would be glad to have help from the owners of VAG-COM cables around the country.

    Other forums have a sticky with the details of members and their availability.

    I'll go first.

    I have the usb cable and can scan anything except the early 2 wire stuff. I live in Adelaide.

    PM me to make contact.


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    Nice idea, will need to sort it into a nice sorted section by state at some stage...

    Edit: I now have the genuine cable

    And have moved to SE Melbourne.

    I'm in Campbelltown (Sydney) and have the FleeBay knock off cable but can still do lots of things, just not everything, especially on MkV's. A simple block change or code read/clear should be right though.
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    I own a licensed VCDS ( Vagcom cable) can scan ANY including the 2 wire jobbies from way back. I have VagTacho for anyone needing distance to empty on your Golf or Bora.( works well if the cluster is VDO). I have a wide range of fuel pressure testers, Vac gauges, stethoscopes, oscilloscope, current clamp. If you are using your own Vchecker etc i can interpret your fault code for you.
    i now own a Launch Diagun palm pilot and can read your aunties Bimmer, your uncles Merc and your cousins Nissan.
    I am based in Brizzy
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    I also have Ebay special vagcom cable and software...I'm in Sydney
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    Good idea Gav, thanks heaps mate!
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    Yup, we have the licenced VAGCOM (Ross Tech) Cable and Software and can scan all late model stuff and adapt most stuff.

    Also have the adaptor for the early 2 wire stuff.

    Half price scans for VWW members
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    Have VDS, VagCom, VChecker.

    Happy to scan anybodies car free in Sydney (in City) however work in Parra Region, just throw me a PM anytime
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    Just bought a Micro CAN adapter for VCDS and am happy to scan any compatible cars (MkV+) in Melbourne.

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    Brisbane genuine VAG com here, but I'm a looooong way from a master of it. Guess I should actually READ the online tutorials....
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    I've got a V-Checker if anyone want's a scan on a cruise or at a get together just ask as I keep it in the car.
    If anyone wants a scan on a weekend or something shoot me a PM and I'll try my best to help.
    As with Cogdoc, I'm definitely no guru with it but I can scan modules and clear fault codes no worries.
    Also I'm not after any photos of your sis, mum, nana/grandma, daughter, wife, gf, life partner etc...
    Should also add that I don't want any photos of the male opposites of the above either or yourself for that matter (wouldn't put it past Coggie though)...

    EDIT: Just a note/head's up, that as I no longer have the R32, I sold the scanner on, so cannot assist anymore. Cheers.
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