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Thread: DSG Temp or PID to suit

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    DSG Temp or PID to suit

    Hi All

    Trying to complete a DSG service on my 2013 Golf TSI however the last missing pice of the puzzle I need is to be able to read the temp of the oil.

    I have tried every witch way I can find online to do it however none of them work. I'm not in the market for spending big dollars on VCDS and what not to get it to work as I already have a platter of wifi, bluetooth, usb obd2 dongles that I have collected over the years that should work just fine. I have access to heaps of different devices being iPhone, mac, windows & android phones however nothing seems to display the 1 piece of info that I am after.

    I have successfully connected to the car using my iPhone and WIFI obd2 adaptor using the car scanner app however it won't display DSG temp I have even found custom PIDs online that don't work.

    Also managed to use VCDS lite to connect however the measuring blocks are either greyed out or different to what it says it should be online.

    Any advice would be awesome thanks!

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    I think from memory they want the DSG trans temp to be between 35-45 degrees when checking the oil level after being changed.

    Ambient temp is around 30 at the moment so you are pretty close already.

    Otherwise look here VAG-COM scanning, who can help and see if there are any recent posts from someone close to you.
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