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Thread: 2007 Jetta is a Rosstech VCDS worth it

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    2007 Jetta is a Rosstech VCDS worth it

    Is it worthwhile spending the money for VCDS to do a few things to the above.

    Not for me but on another forum a guy wants to get stuff like oil temp in a DSG oil changes and other stuff

    Modifying the convenience mode (non-high line cluster)
    Duration of headlights activation when unlocking car in evenings

    Remapping (Hot start issue with fuel quantities)

    Battery status
    Transmission oil temperature (when servicing the DSG,

    I reckon is a waste of money after it wouldnt do some simple alterations in a B7 Passat and a 6RPolo.

    More to do with vehhicle than the software I know , so would the Jetta be the same
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