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Thread: 2018 Fabia for Dogs

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    2018 Fabia for Dogs

    Hi Y'all. I ordered a manual wagon just before New Years. Hopefully It doesn't take until until the end of May to get here, which is what Skoda's factory update is threatening.
    I'm new to all things Skoda. I wasn't really that aware of the brand, until I went looking for a small wagon suitable for transporting two largish dogs around. I quickly discovered that there was pretty much nothing on the market except for my new Fabia. After a test drive and a bit of research, I'm in.
    I cant be the only person who needs a smaller car with a boot space of a certain size, yet there is absolutely nothing on offer for the whole market except rather girly faux wheel drive SUVs, that still don't have useful boot spaces.
    Anyway simply clever indeed.
    One of my dogs sheds a lot of hair. Some car interior fabrics are extremely difficult to get hair out of. Can anyone comment on how easy the carpet and upholstery is to get hair out of. Any defluffing tips?

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    We have a cattle dog that sheds... all the time. Two things that worked for us were Dyson with Animal attachment and pet covers for rear area. side panels are fairly easy but the floor just needs to be covered.

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