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Thread: MY17 Wagon: Tailgate trim removal: Help needed

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    MY17 Wagon: Tailgate trim removal: Help needed

    Hi, I've got the camera cable all the way to the back however I'm struggling to take the trim off the tailgate. in the manual that I have, the trim looks differently and also it says that for the upper trim, you just start from the connection point with the lower trim.

    I've started from the bottom, from the lock it goes fairly easy until it gets to the side, it's so hard and I'm afraid to use the brute force.

    does anyone have any manual for the type of trim I have, or any links to how to remove the trim from the tailgate... thanks upfront!

    MY17 Wagon: Tailgate trim removal: Help needed-pxl_20220424_080450999-portrait-jpgMY17 Wagon: Tailgate trim removal: Help needed-manual-superb-3-042015-jpg

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    You need a flat bar or a trim tool to feed in and lever it up from where the clips are. I have a length of 3mm flat bar with a v cut out of the end and slide it in till it hits the clip and then push down on the end and it pings the clip out. The ones in the little circle are bloody tight usually and often have to be removed and reshaped as they dont come out with the trim.
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