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Thread: VW Golf Mk5 Comforline Project Almost At The End

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    VW Golf Mk5 Comforline Project Almost At The End

    So, my Golf is almost back to original. What's left:

    1. Original Comfort 15" alloys (the Sport 16"s are fine but I suspect they make the ride on standard suspension a little more jiggly than it was originally designed to be.

    2. Cup holder sliding cover. To be installed.

    3. UPDATED I've ordered a new tether for the petrol cap from C-H-I-N-A for $3 - who'd have thought there was a market for little plastic straps to affix to the petrol caps of modern cars? The original petrol cap tether lasted less than 170,000kms, 275 refills, averaging one refill every 3 weeks... QULITY CONTROL VW, QUALITY CONTROL!

    4. Fit rear bumper valance... I still have the cracked one on the car and the unblemished one on the shelf...

    My eldest daughter will get her L's sometime within the next 6 months so I could surprise her with a shiny new old Golf if I manage to pick up a straight Pacific Blue Mk5 1.6 litre manual that I just can't seem to get out of my head...

    I'm thinking I could drive the little antiquity with a manual shift and three pedals (I sorely miss driving a manual) until people driving ICE powered cars are burnt at the stake and Matt Canavan finally admits that he's only supporting coal because his share of the family trust fund depends on it.

    So if anyone knows of a straight Pacific Blue 1.6 litre Mk5 manual available in Sydney preferably in Comfortline trim then I'd be pleased to hear from you.

    Imagine the look of awe when kids see the three pedals...
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    2005 VW Golf 5 2.0 FSI Comfortline Sports Automatic

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