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Thread: Replace entire drive shaft or CV joint boot?

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    Replace entire drive shaft or CV joint boot?

    My Mark V GTI has just ticked over 100000km. A few months ago my regular mechanic said the boot needed replacing but best to replace the entire drive shaft due to the time it takes to remove and replace it. Cost: $575 parts and labour. Third party drive shaft I imagine.

    Another mechanic has said he can have the CV serviced and boot replaced for $230-$250 all up.

    Does anyone know how many kms the drive shaft and CV joint etc are good for and have a view on whether it would be wiser to replace the lot based on the above costings?

    Thanks in anticipation.
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    I can tell you that VW quoted me just under $400 to replace a CV boot on my R32 and that's obviously genuine parts. Just get the boot replaced.

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