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Thread: mk5 2.0 FSI Stretching noise

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    mk5 2.0 FSI Stretching noise

    Hi All,

    I have a 2005 mk5 2.0 FSI, its got around 100k on it, with the 6 speed Aisin automatic.

    I have had an issue in the past where when i went to start the engine the entire car shook, only sometimes, i cleaned the valves and put a 035 dogbone rear engine mount metal spacer, this solved the issue of the car shaking when starting but i have recently noticed when its cold outside if i put it in drive or if i have the steering turned hard right i hear a stretching noise.

    I was wondering if anyone experienced this before, i know the car is going on 20 years old now, the rubbers may be worn but just wondering is it worth it for me to go ahead and get the rear trans mount replaced or could it be something else.

    I also rang the dealer and they said that these have had a few revisions of those rear mounts, so wondering if the 05 had a pretty weak mount to start with, or if i am on the wrong track and there is something that usually goes on these that makes a similar noise.

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    if i have the steering turned hard right i hear a stretching noise
    The drive belt is making the noise - the belt may be in poor condition and/or the tensioner is not doing it's job
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    Steering is electric, so not belt driven.
    There could be heaps of reasons for weird noises, but it does sound like a belt. You could remove the belt and see if that changes anything, but be warned the alternator will not run, ensure you have a good battery charge.
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