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Thread: 2.0 FSI Poor idle when cold

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    Do you get stratified mode when you cruise along at part throttle, if you log your AFRs? Or just at idle?
    No at all. OEM NoX sensor was busted the time i bought the car. It sometimes reported plausible signal so engine rarely switched on stratified but sensor was already giving his goodbyes.

    I gave chance to sensors from China (DIY, cut cables, solder, heatshrink) but it turned out to be a mistake. One sensor came with broken heater another one was giving totally wrong data etc.

    You can look at pictures here (posts from Maro )

    Right now i have this chinese sensor screwed in exhaust, 2 CANbus cables cutted and rerouted under passenger's footwell. 2 cables from NOX ECU 2 cables to MED ECU at your fingertips. MITM with Arduino is much easier this way. Power cables are left untouched in order to pass NoX sensor heater checks.
    I'm able to generate canbus frames and see corresponding NoX sensor voltages (O2 part) and NoX concentrations.
    I always end up with
    17441 - Sensor for NOx (G295)
    P1033 - 002 - Signal too Low
    So i guess i send signal with incorrect range (lower, upper threshold) or signal needs to reflect real drive conditions (plausibility check is not passing).

    I am not keen on solving this with "emulator" approach. Reflashing ECU with "cured" firmware is much better then hiding arduino behind passenger's compartment
    At worst, sacrificing stratified mode is also acceptable. For 2.0 engine with 4x4 8 liters / 100 km (29,4 US mpg) is not bad at all.
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    An update - I've been working with Maro offline as I have had some trouble posting replies on this forum.

    I have managed to get stratified mode working at low load driving without NOx sensor, cats or EGR.

    Seems to work okay, the odd misfire but will report fuel economy difference after this tank is empty.

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