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Thread: [Seeking Advice] Replace injectors or off to wreckers?

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    [Seeking Advice] Replace injectors or off to wreckers?


    I have a 2008 TDI 2.0 Golf with only 126k km on it (became a second car).

    The car was stalling and skipping (losing power) whilst driving. Occasionally, the car failed to start, but without doing anything it would start a day later.

    It has been back and forth to the mechanic for 8 months. Eventually, there was no error codes showing but the car was still stalling and skipping.

    Went to a new mechanic, he recons that the issue is injectors and quoted me $2500 per injector, x4. Apparently, these injectors can't be tested or repaired.

    Feels so wasteful to take it to the wreckers considering it only has 126k on the ODO and brand new breaks. Only offered $600.

    What should I do to either repair it or to maximize what I get for it?


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    Post up your engine code to confirm but I'm assuming you don't need pumpedüse injectors, in which case a quick nonspecific Google suggests you can get new ones for ~$300ish each from the UK, or a refurbished set for ~$800 from Germany.

    That would mean New Mechanic is looking for ~$8k+ in labour, so either they don't want the job or they expect to take a long time learning what to do. Try a diesel specialist.

    For comparison a mk7 complete TDI motor is $2500...

    [Edit] also: try posting this question in the dedicated Diesel forum. There's also a good PD service thread if I'm wrong about your injector type...
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    These are for a Mk6 Golf TDI, but just to give you an idea of the price to buy locally. 03L130277J - Genuine Fuel Injector - 2.0 TDI - Audi & Volkswagen
    – VAGPARTS Australia

    $2.5k per injector is nuts!!

    Also sourcing from somewhere like Darkside Developments in the UK would be worthwhile if you cant get them locally.
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