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Thread: vRS Register

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    vRS Register

    Thought it may be nice, to see how many are around, what colour, mods etc?

    Updated 3/3/11
    1. CanberravRS. Race Blue Wagon. deliv Dec/07. No Mods, yet. ACT
    2. DanSA. Black Magic Wagon. No options. Feb/08. Phillips Extreme low beam globes, Tint, Debadged, Silvervision indicators. SA
    3. Gregozedobe. Sprint Yellow Wagon. Xenons. June 08. No Mods. ACT
    4. Ballsout. Sprint Yellow Wagon. Front and Rear park sensors No Mods Feb 08 VIC?
    5. Belly. Red Sedan. Front Parking Sensors. 11/07, Carbonion intake, APR 3" downpipe, APR S2 reFlash, APR engine torque arm, APR fuel pump, QLD
    6. Newbie. Black Magic Wagon deliv Mar/08. No Mods yet.
    7. MRX. Black Magic Wagon. deliv April 08. Cosmetic mods (eylids, colour coded grille) and Eibach Pro springs. WA
    8. DaveR32. Sedan. April 08. No Mods. QLD.
    9. Guy H. White Wagon. May 08. APR test bunny. APR mods. QLD
    10. Andymancandy. Race Blue Wagon.Front parking sensors. July 08. No Mods. Undisclosed location.
    11. mrgolf. Race Blue Sedan. September 08. Debadged, stubby aeriel,tint. Undisclosed location.
    12. RaceBlueRS. Guess what colour? Wagon. October 08. Sat Nav, Sunroof, Xenons. F&R Parking sensor, iPod. No Mods. NSW.
    13. woofy. Race Blue Sedan. November 08. Sunroof, F&R Parking sensors. No Mods. VIC.
    14. wombatoutofhell. Yellow Wagon with Black rails. Special pre-release - no parking sensors or rear power windows. August 08/Jan 09. No Mods. VIC.
    15. Jake02 MY09 RS TFSI Liftback 6M, candy white, no options (everything's already standard equipment!). Tint of course!

    4thchicken 2010 raceblue RS wagon petrol, dsg, leather, roof, front sensors, Melbourne

    Antiplastix MY10 Race Blue 6 Speed Wagon
    aslsw race blue, DSG liftback with leather, MDI, and towbar, Canberra
    ausspace87 Candy White RS TSI DSG Liftback, Sunroof, Leather, Xenons, Front Park Assist, Columbus SatNav, North West Sydney

    backdoc 2009 TSI DSG Candy white Octavia RS wagon. Sunroof, leather, tow bar, dark tint
    BlackOctaviaRS Black Octavia RS Wagon, Petrol, DSG, Leather, Sat Nav, Victoria
    bobski Race Blue TSI DSG Wagon with leather. Western Sydney

    chisler: Black Magic, Sedan, jan 09, no mods, Vic.
    code618: 07 build but reg'd in Dec 6sp Man.

    Damo105 MY11 Octavia RS TSI wagon, manual, race blue, sunroof, MDI, privacy glass.
    dArK5HaD0w Sprint Yellow RS 2.0 TSI DSG Liftback, Xenon, Front Parking Sensors, Sat Nav. Canberra
    dazag: Bright Silver 09 FL vRS 2.0 TDI with DSG WagonNewcastle NSW
    DODGEY MY10 RS TSI Liftback DSG, Candy White, Xenons, Sat Nav, Leather, Fr. Park Sensors, Alarm, Stubby Antenna, Tint, Skoda Bluetooth (the older one), Plastic Boot Dish, LED Interior Lights, rear Protective Sill covers, Seat handle inserts, Gas Strut bonnet lifter, Passenger side Netting (uninstalled), VRS plate holders and Cornering Fogs SYDNEY
    drew-8888 09 vRS TDI DSG Wagon, face lift, bolero headunit, but still got the old front end. i've wired in my handsfree kit through the headunit (thanks to a briskoda member who sent me the green plug for the quadlock), slimline rola racks with bike carriers, and TDF airhorns. Adelaide

    Dru: MY10 Octavia vRS TSI 6M, Anthracite Grey, Tinted Windows
    duncalsi Race Blue Sedan. March 08 model, first registed 09/08 bought 01/09. 6000km's for 29,000K driveaway. Perth, W.A

    garagelane facelift black rs petrol manual liftback, Melbourne
    Gkat8 2008 sprint yellow vRS with sunroof. No mods.
    Gnat TSI Manual, Black, Leather, Sunroof, Added full tint and paint protector. Perth
    Graybags 2010 Vrs Tsi DSG Estate Anthracite Zenons Foglights Sunroof Front Parking Sensors Leather Tint Bluefin, Melbourne
    Gti Dave:2009 compliance Sprint Yellow, Sedan Man. Sunroof & Sat Nav. DNA tune
    GTR27 MY11, race blue RS wagon, TSI Manual, MDI, front park sensors. Brisbane

    lamb white manual TSI MY08 hatch, QLD

    Madhatter_jc White - DSG - TDI - Wagon. Dark tint, heated seats, front + rear parking sensors, Melbourne
    MarksVRS MY10 RS wagon TDI manual, tinted windows, tow pack. Sydney
    mjd 09 RS wagon, silver, mdi installed
    Mr Purple Pre-FL 2009 Black RS sedan. Only options front and rear sensors, QLD

    nrb62 2008 Octavia vRS 2.0 TDI DSG Wagon. Purchased new in December

    Ocy_RS_TDi_Kombi 2009 Skoda Octavia vRS Racing Blue DSG Wagon

    paul_segr 2009 RS TDI Manual, Wagon, Black Canberra
    pwcar Race Blue update, sedan, TDI, DSG, Melbourne

    Redline3345 MY11 Octavia vRS Wagon TSI DSG | Brilliant Silver | APR Stage 1 | PSS10 | Remsa | Leather | Sunroof | Towbar | Front Sensors | Boot Protector | Xenons | Corner Fogs | Alarm | Superskoda SS Door Handle Cups, vRS badges Fr Seat Handles, Rear Vision mirror covers
    rob_ MY10 Octavia RS Race Blue manual, MDI, Melbourne
    ron3kl Candy White RS Wagon TDI CR DSG. 9/08 delivered 11/08. Window tint; Diadem indicators ACT

    safetyman 147kw DSG Liftback, Black, HID, Kenwood Satnav and DVD headrests MY10 Delivered in April 2010.
    Sarge MY11 Liftback RS TDI DSG Black with sunroof. Geelong
    Scanners White 2009 MY10 Octavia TSI DSG RS Wagon, aftermarket tint. Brisbane
    Skodaboi White Octavia RS 2.0 CRD, DSG Wagon, Xenon Lights, Front Parking Sensors, Leather, Dark Tint Windows, Rubber Boot Mat, Factory B/tooth, MDI.
    SKODA vRS147 Sprint Yellow DSG Liftback MY11 Leather, Front Parking Sensors, Bluetooth and Alarm. Newcastle, NSW
    space-godzilla 2008 vRS diesel wagon with DSG, race blue, Canberra
    spellbound 2009 black wagon, roof
    Sush: MY10 RS wagon TDI DSG. Black Magic. B/tooth, MDI, Towbar, Cargo barrier, boot liner, mud gards, Rino sports racks, Front black sheep skin covers. Hobart
    Swampy vRS wagon, 6 manual TDI, race blue, window tint, mudflaps, cargo mat, tow bar, UHF radio fitted in the place of the storage bin near the gearstick. Gold Coast

    thommo 1/2010 6sp wagon race blue towbar, tinted window colombus, NSW
    Tick Candy White Octavia RS TSI sedan 6 sp. window tint

    WhiteTiger 2010 vRS Wagon DSG 2.0 FSI Candy White, Black Leather, Sunroof, MDI, Full Tint. Melbourne
    vRS554 Race Blue RS Sedan, no mods, September 08
    VRS-Vic 2008 Octavia VRS TDI wagon, white
    Vas '10 Black Magic Octavia RS DSG liftback. rock stock for now, but a new grill and possibly bodykit coming up in December. East Melbourne

    kamold - 2011 Skoda Octavia vRS TDI DSG wagon, Race Blue, Leather, Dynamic Xenons, Fiberdyne BT, MDI

    Kindros - 2008 VRS TDI DSG Wagon Black

    Rosie - MY11 vRS DSG 2.0 TDI, Anthracite Grey, Sunroof, MDI, Bluetooth, Towbar.

    mcole439 MY11 vRS Manual 2.0 TSI, Race Blue, Fiberdyne Bluetooth, tinted

    bluefrog MY12 on the list I suspect - Black Magic vRS DSG FSI wagon with 'the lot' except leather + 18x8 Volk G2's

    Mysticality - 2011Skoda Octavia RS TDI wagon, Manual, Race blue,
    Southern highlands, NSW.

    Medallion68 2011 Octavia VRS Race Blue Wagon TDI / DSG /Full Leather / Bluetooth / Window tint / Whispbar roof racks

    VRS_Sleeper 2011 Octavia VRS Race Blue Wagon TSI/ Full Leather/ Bluetooth / Window Tint / Whispbar rood racks / APR Stage 1 ECU upgrade / Carbonio Carbon cold air take system

    Ando01 Ando 01- MY2010 CW Octavia vRS wagon- DSG- Tint- BT- 2 x Baby Seats- more mods to come

    HillyBillyBob MY11 Manual Race blue Wagon, Tint and Bluefin in canberra

    zei20t 2011 MY2012 Octavia RS, Anthracite Grey, DSG, 147kwTSI, Hatch.

    animbo MY12 Octavia RS TSI DSG Wagon, Race Blue. Picked it up about a month ago. Living in the Miranda area, NSW

    k_rider MY11 Octavia RS TSI DSG wagon, Anthracite grey, all the factory options boxes ticked

    candy_wagonMY12 Octavia RS TSI DSG Wagon. Candy White. No options. Living in Lyndhurst Victoria.

    Tigger MY12 Platin Grey wagon 147TSI. New red stitching interior, Sunroof, F&R park sensors, Tint...Camden NSW
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    Octavia vRS Black Magic Wagon
    Golf 2.0 TDi DSG - Sold
    RSC-172 Sold

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    I have cleaned up this thread and updated the register. I could add more vRS owners to the register if you post your details in here. Post also your location if you'd like to have it with your car's specs. Do not post anything else than what is in the register.

    Quite a few vRS drivers here.

    63 on 5/011

    11101011:2012 vRS Wagon DSG 147TSI Full,Race Blue, Leather
    sbm: 2012 vRS Wagon DSG 147TSI, Candy White, Full Leather, Sunroof, MDI, Darkest legal Tint. Bonbeach
    The Speedfighter MY12 Silver Lift-Back 147TSI, West-Ryde NSW

    Turtl MY10 vRS TDI Wagen, Red, DSG, Genuine RS Full Leather, Factory Columbus SatNav with HDD upgrade (80GB) & Bluetooth, Factory Lowered, Full factory tint, Towbar, LED lights, Bi-Xenon's, cornering fogs, DP Chip (148kw, 435Nm), park sensors, gel wipers

    Martin2012.1 Skoda Octavia VRS DSG Wagon - Carbonio cold air intake and pipe - HPA Motorsports BBK 355mm rotors 6 pot callipers APR/HP Roll bars - VWR Springs (20mm lower) APR Stage II ECU - APR 3" exhaust down pipe & high flow catalyst, Supaloy lower control arms - Enkei 18*8 Wheels

    MacVWMy12 Skoda Octavia vRS 147TSi DSG liftback, Black magic pearl, front & rear factory sensors, MIDI interface, darkest legal Tint. Brisbane QLD

    sir_camelMY08 Octavia RS Wagon TSI 6 speed, Sprint Yellow, Front & Rear Sensors, Tint. Sydney

    boogz2008 Octavia RS Wagon/ Red/ 6 Speed/ Eibach Springs

    MountainBikeMike - Melbourne - 2008 Octavia VRS 2.0T, Manual Estate, Blue. Passionate mountain biker! Fibreglass sub box, K&N filter, EZ Lip, door projector lights, white interior leds, vrs seat handle badges, vrs brake decals. Grip Sport Hi-Ride bike rack and roof racks.

    CandyWhite_RS My10 Octavia RS Hatch, Candy White, 125TDi, DSG6

    rjg MY11 octavia vRS liftback, race blue, 6M, darkest legal tint, Autopolar FIS+ advanced, custom rns510 boot screen, vRS seat handle badges, vRS brake decals Vic

    RS125TDI 2010 MY11 Skoda Octavia vRS Hatch TDI DSG, Anthracite Grey
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    This thread is vRS register. Read the title! Please do not chat in this thread, otherwise I will just close it.
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    Please add another one to the list!

    RS125TDI 2010 MY11 Skoda Octavia vRS Hatch TDI DSG, Anthracite Grey
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    My11 - Octavia vRS 125TDI DSG Liftback, Anthracite Grey metallic

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    Please add another

    CandyWhite_RS 2010 My10 Skoda Octavia vRS Hatch TDI DSG, Candy White
    2010 Candy White Octavia vRS 125TDi DSG

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    Another new owner to add to the list:

    SKINNER MY10 Skoda Octavia vRS Wagon TDI, DSG, Candy White, Xenons, Sunroof -

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    And another...

    2012 MY12 TDI DSG wagon in brilliant silver with leather/MDI/no mods (yet).

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    Another new owner to add to the list:

    2012 MY13 Skoda Octavia VRS Wagon, TSI, DSG, Platin Grey, No mods

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    2010 My11 Octavia vRS Liftback, TDi, DSG, Metalliic Blue (I thought it was 'Dynamic Blue' but I note that everyone else says it's 'Race Blue', so I'm probably wrong), Leather, Sat Nav.

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    Mine is 2011, Octavia Vrs, Combo or Wagon, TDi, DSG, Candy White, Sat Nav. No mods.

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