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Thread: Traffic Sign Recognition - any luck enabling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by woofy View Post
    The funny thing with TSR in the UK is that there are barely any speed signs. One thing I didn't know before driving around there for a month is that most of the time you base the speed on how many lanes, if there are street lights etc. They really don't have the amount we have here. Most areas when they transition seem to hardly bother to tell you that even.
    Yes because the maps have the info in them and the car reads off the maps where the speed areas are. As we dont seem to have that in our brand of maps it cant do that ans so fusion mode doesnt work I have tried to enable it and nothing happens.

    However as Darkshadow has pointed out in another thread AUDI use a different display to VW and Skoda which does do more than our units, depending like ours on the car model and level of spec.

    It is therefore counter productive to post in the other makes forums as it confuses things, especially if your brand and model is not obvious.

    There are even differences between models and specs in each brand as to what is enabled what isnt that can be and what simply cant be done due to either uninstalled hardware or limited software that requires a SWAP to make it work.

    Also we have people with older cars asking how to enable stuff in the threads for a different build platform which will probably never work, thereby confusing things by not saying what vehicle they are trying to do it in.

    REPLY 24 in this thread explains quite clearly HOW and WHERE fusion mode will work and AUSTRALIA is NOT IN THE LIST

    Reply 28 tells the difference in the type of maps required which we DONT HAVE
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    Hi mate, what equipment or device you need to set this? Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by pjam73 View Post
    I have confirmed that the settings I used have activated the front camera's recognition of speed limit signs in Melbourne. It works well in testing over the weekend, but I haven't tried at night.

    Most of the time it gets confused by school zone 40 limit signs (including the yellow ones that I think are warning of an upcoming school zone?). Only once did it realise there was a time limit of the school zone - it then shows two symbols, a 60 and a 40 with a time icon underneath.

    A second time past the same location just gave a standard 40 sign.

    It even detected the 20 zone in the Bunnings car park

    I followed the steps in the first post here How to enable Traffic Sign recognition - Skoda Octavia Mk III (2013 onward) - BRISKODA, except I didn't bother with the 'Select channel Display end of speed limit symbol' step because we don't have end of speed limit signs here (not seen one in my 10 years here, but I'm familiar with the UK ones).

    If you do that, you still won't get any signs detected. You then need to change Controller A5, Adaptations, Road sign detection fusion mode to 'Road sign detection'. It will then work, but will only use road signs, not a combination of the satnav data and road signs which is how it works in other locations. It must be using GPS to limit where it will detect signs which is annoying.

    My car has the 2016/2017 ROW satnav data, and the media system version info screen shows hw 050, sw 0315.

    @mysticality, any chance of checking another MY16.5 Octavia RS to see what media system versions there are out there?

    Ultimately unless I can find a way to combine with the satnav data I will probably turn it off. With only the sign detection the speed limit info doesn't update until you pass another sign, or the car is switched off.

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