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Thread: Service interval for the "toothed belt" on 103 TDI engines

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    Service interval for the "toothed belt" on 103 TDI engines

    I have a MY2011 Octavia 103 TDI. According to the Service schedule booklet that came with the car it has an engine sub-type of CFHC and therefore the replacement interval for the toothed-belt should be every 210,000km.

    The booklet lists different intervals for different engine type (150,000 for PD engines, 180,000 for some others).

    My problem is that the service dept at my Skoda dealer insists that the replacement intervals is 105,000km.

    Replacement is expensive, so I don't want to do it unnecessarily, on the other hand if the belt fails that's the end of the motor (or so I'm told).

    I've tried to contact Skoda "head office" to clarify, but can't get a response.

    Anyone have any insight into why the dealer and the manual are so different?

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    VW TDI's are 7 years OR 105,000km WHICHEVER IS FIRST

    I had my Passat done at 7 years but had only done 42000 by then.

    Rubber deteriorates over time as well as by use. Cheaper to pay $1200 for belt and waterpump than blow one and be $8000 for new engine
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