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Thread: Loss of drive while engine running

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    Loss of drive while engine running

    Hoping someone can shed some light on this before I take the vehicle to our local specialist & apologies for the long story.

    2010 VRS with 234,000 on the clock. Has been regularly serviced up until the last that was due at 231,000.
    The last time it was driven it started & commenced the trip ok but within a few kms the white spanner warning light started flashing & at the same time there was no drive even though the engine was running & the car still rolling. Gear selector was in drive.
    After pulling over & turning the ignition off the car then restarted & drove back home, again only a couple of kms to get. We haven't been prepared to try it on any longer runs given this could happen in the middle of a busy road. We also have the check engine light on that has been diagnosed as the rear main seal allowing some air in that then is triggering a lean mixture message. The O2 sensor has been replaced & any other common causes of this codes addressed as well. We are now reluctant to have the seal replaced unless we can also address the most recent issue as the car just isn't worth that much. Any thoughts, suggestions or other experience of this happening??

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    You need to know what error codes the car has so that you know what it is unhappy about. If you don't have access to an error code reader, then you could visit a local SuperCheap Auto store and they can do it for you for a small fee (just make sure you get details of all the error codes to give your mechanic). Otherwise your regular mechanic can do it.

    Worst case scenario is that you may need a replacement gearbox (or the mechatronics replaced at least) in which case you may as well do the rear main seal at the same time anyway.

    Otherwise you might have a bad earth connection, or some other wiring issue that is causing communication issues with the gearbox.
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